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Innovative and detailed – these are not mutually exclusive character traits. At The Session Law Firm we are passionate about the details. When we imaged a paperless office years before the technology to do so was readily available, we knew that our success was dependant upon the details. The Session Law Firm has been electronically imaging all paper documents since opening in 1992. Taking this crucial step many years ago is what continues to allow our attorneys and support staff to work efficiently and effectively by having access to all necessary documents at any time from anywhere.

The Session Law Firm has utilized computer animations to create a visual representation of clients’ cases for over 15 years. In a time when use of such technology in the courtroom was unheard of, The Session Law Firm helped to set the standards for using computer animations in trials. By leading the way with cutting edge technology, we created a competitive advantage by providing a very realistic and visual representation of our clients’ position to judges and juries.

As technology has advanced, The Session Law Firm has also evolved the complexity of the computer animates used in trial. We have the technical aptitude, understanding of current technology and how to effectively advance the use of technology in clients’ cases both conceptually and practically.

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