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Contamination of Federal Facilities

Resolving the government's environmental responsibility for cleaning up contaminated federal facilities is a daunting process for the local agencies and authorities who take over the contaminated properties. The Session Law Firm has the legal and technical background to guide property owners of contaminated federal facilities through the appropriate steps in dealing with government agencies to reach a solution. In addition to our experience with environmental law matters, our in-house experience includes environmental engineering, hydrology and personnel previously with the Army Corps of Engineers and a former Army BRAC attorney.

The Session Law Firm not only works with a client through the settlement process, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients through the entire redevelopment process as well. We guide our clients through the various steps and processes involved in turning a former site into a useable and viable piece of real estate.

Fact Sheet – Environmental Service Cooperative Agreements at Former Federal Facilities (ESCA)

Fact Sheet – Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP)

Fact Sheet – Financial Incentives for Brownfields Redevelopment

Contaminated federal facilities fall into three main categories:


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